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From The Discernment Committee

St. Peter’s is searching for a new Rector!

The process of finding our new Rector may seem slow and deliberate, but it is an exciting and invigorating time for our parish. It is a chance for each of us to reflect on the gifts God has given us through our beloved St. Peter’s Parish Church, and more importantly, it is a time to look forward to what we can become.  The timeline for this search process is not definite, but we hope to be receiving names of candidates by the spring of 2019.  This process includes lots of prayer and reflection about who we are as a parish and what we need in a new rector.  It involves a Discernment Committee that will compile this work into a profile that will be used to give candidates information about our parish.  It also involves seeking the input of our congregation in a number of ways.  Above all, this process is fueled by the prayers of our parishioners.



Contact Us

The St. Peter’s Discernment Committee would love to hear from you if you have questions about our process.  Please email us at stpeterssearch18@gmail.com.  All correspondence with our Discernment Committee will be held in confidence.

                                                                                        Joyce Peterson, Chair
                                                                   Kent Bradshaw                            Cyndi Burnett
                                                                   Matt Dolci                                     Jessica Evelyn
                                                                   Lori Janke                                    David Swynford

Prayer Of Discernment

Eternal God, you are the good shepherd who cares for your Church and through whom all things are possible. We lay the life of our parish before you as we search for a new Rector.

Renew in our parish a sense of your love and mission, that we may serve the people around us and be guided to the priest who, as our rector, will care for this parish and equip us for our ministries.

Guide those involved that they may listen with patience and trust to the voice of your Holy Spirit. Bring us peace to know that, in your time, your will shall be done.

Give us grace and courage to follow where you would lead, that your Name may be glorified through us as we carry out your work of reconciliation and caring for others.

We pray for your servant, now unknown to us, whom you have already chosen to be our Rector, to heed your call with joy and praise.

All this we ask through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.